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PropPurr™ was developed by John Lawton who worked in the 3D Printing industry for over 20 years. Several of John’s formulated products are very popular and have enjoyed substantial sales under the Somos® brand in the Stereolithography market.

John began developing PropPurrin 2010. He tested the earlier formulations on the propeller of his own boat, located in the Caribbean, on boats and test coupons in Florida, and in various marinas in the Chesapeake. It takes time to perfect antifoulant coatings. Marine growth takes time to build-up and grow on surfaces. John especially enjoyed evaluating his experimental coatings while sailing the Caribbean islands.

John’s goal was to develop an antifoulant coating that uses the least amount of coating chemicals while achieving the greatest amount of antifoulant protection. He invented a new silicone polymer that chemically bonds to alloys. The silicone adheres strongly to the surface, preventing corrosion, and making the surface too slippery for marine life to hang on to. The silicone layer is molecular thin and does not ablate. The EPA easily approved the new polymer, considering it extremely low risk to the environment and to users of the product. It is also a product that is extremely safe to produce. There are no waste products during manufacture. And best of all there is no need to use pesticides.

For the past two years, John’s boat when hauled has had little to no growth on the propeller, and other boats have had the same experience. PropPurrworks brilliantly. As an antifoulant- It just works.

While working in 3D Printing, John also developed other technical skills. If you have a Kiss wind generator, look for a new electronic controller that gets more energy out of the Kiss at wind speeds below 12 knots. Plus it automatically stops the Kiss when the batteries are full and stops the Kiss before it overheats.