PropPurr™ - A Propeller Coating that is Antifouling and Reduces Corrosion

PropPurr™ is a New Coating for Bronze Propellers that Chemically Bonds a thin Silicone Layer to the surface. It makes the Surface so Slippery that Marine Life Struggles to Attach. PropPurr™ also Reduces Corrosion, is Environmentally Safe, and is very Easy to Apply. Tested in the Caribbean and in the Chesapeake. No Pesticides! It Simply Works!

PropPurr™ Comes in Three Sizes

  • A 20ml Bottle is Plenty for Coating a 16" Diameter Propeller
  • A 30ml Bottle will Easily Coat an 18" Diameter Propeller
  • The Professional Size 8oz PropPurr™ is More than Enough to Coat Twelve Average Sized Propellers

PropPurr™ is Easy to Use- Just Sand, Wipe Clean, and Apply... It Dries in One Hour!

Now Available!
The Kiss Extractor™:

  • Extracts More Energy from a Kiss Wind Generator at Wind Speeds Below 12 knots...Just When you Need the Energy Most.
  • Automatically Stops the Kiss when the Batteries are Charged
  • Automatically attempts to Stop the Kiss Before it Overheats